A Few More Thoughts On Snow Blowers

Snow blowers or as they are sometimes called snow throwers come in different makes and models and are available in both gas and electric models. I wanted to give you a quick run down of what I consider to be some to be some of the best makes and models of snow blowers out there. Remember this is only my opinion and you might completely disagree with my findings.

ELECTRIC SNOW BLOWER: In my opinion the best electric snow blowers out there is the Toro 1800 Power Curve. It is a single stage model that will clear a path about 18 inches wide. it will cost you about $300 and keep in mind it won't handle a foot of snow. Remember it is also electric so if the thought of dragging a cord around does not appeal to year you might want to consider something else.

GAS SNOW BLOWER: In the single stage model I would highly recommend the Toro CCR 2450GTS. It is a single stage gas model that sell for around $500. It will clear about 20
inches of snow at a pass. If you are used to getting snow fall amounts of 6 inches or less at a time this snow blower will work well for you. Toro has a good reputation for standing behind their product and offer a warranty on all their snow blowers.

2 STAGE GAS SNOW BLOWER: If you want a middle of the road 2 stage gas snow blower you might want to consider the Craftsman 88999. While not the most powerful 2 stage model out there it will handle the winter snow falls most people experience. It will clear a path almost 30 inches wide. Be prepared to pay around a $1000 for this model.

A more powerful 2 stage gas snow blower is the Toro Power Max 828 LXE and along with the extra power comes a hefty price tag. The Toro 828 will set you back about $1800. It's powered driven wheels are great for hilly drives and it is the only model that will work well if you are trying to clear snow off of a gravel surface. It also features all the little extra's such as a head light and electric start. I believe it also comes with a two year warranty.


Blizzard Predictions 2013

Blizzard predictions 2013 are based on many factors and conditions. How much snow if any you will see depends on your location and how different conditions interact with one another. A subtle shift in a cold front or the timing of the arrival of moisture can dramatically change how much snowfall a region receives. This is just one of the challenges meteorologists face when trying to come up with an accurate snowforecast model. As an example last year some states in the western part of the country that were forecast to have average to below average snowfall and precipitation had near record amounts. The snowforecast for the upcoming 2011-2012 winter season calls for above average snow fall and below average temperatures for parts of the country. Below average sea surface temperatures could once again produce a La Nina effect that could spell trouble for certain parts of the country. The jet stream which is so important in determining weather conditions suggests a colder and snowier forecast for the upper Midwest and the Great Lakes region. One of the cities mentioned most often that could experience a rough and unrelenting winter is Chicago. The upper most parts of the Eastern seaboard can also expect a blustery winter although a repeat of last winter is not expected. Florida as well as the Four Corners region are expected to see a mild winter. Unfortunately mild temperatures will also coincide with below average precipitation which is something the drought plagued south especially states such as Texas do not need.States including Georgia,Arkansas,Kentucky and Tennessee have a better chance for moisture although significant ice storms could plague the region at times. Out west California is forecast to have a normal winter. Further north the states of Washington and Oregon could be dominated by a fair amount of winter storms. Predicting an accurate snowforecast months in advance is difficult to do. So many factors come into play that even the best forecast models are inaccurate at times. Advances in weather science reveal more clues to the complexity of the weather and the different factors that influence it. While meteorologists have made great strides in understanding weather patterns and predicting weather events there is still much to be learned. Each of us is impacted by the weather on a daily basis. The best way to stay safe and informed about approaching weather conditions is to listen to local forecasts. When traveling it is also a good idea to check on the weather conditions at travel destinations. If threatening weather is forecast be prepared and know what to do. Before traveling be especially informed and use common sense when venturing out into inclement weather. The blizzard prediction 2013 forecast for this year is calling for a milder winter for most of the country except the northern U.S. However as mentioned the weather can change quickly so stay informed. Free weather apps are available and provide all the information you need to stay safe and informed.


Sunrise simulation wake up light

Here is article that explains how a sunrise simulation wake up light helps you awake refreshed and ready for your day.

A Natural Light Alarm Clock Will Help You Wake Refreshed:

So you've had a good night's sleep and now when you wake up in the morning you want it to be as stress free as possible. What you don't want is to be jolted out of bed by a noisy unsympathetic alarm clock ringing loudly in your ears and nagging at you to get out of bed. Instead how about finding a nice natural way to wake you up properly refreshed with a smile on your face?

Impossible, you say. Well not actually. You see you can get such a thing as a natural light alarm clock that will wake you gently as light gradually shines in your room giving the effect of dawn. It is the way the animal kingdom wakes up naturally and the way that man too used to wake before modern hectic life took over. So technology has now gone full circle and allows us to revert back to this more normal way of awakening.

A natural light alarm clock is a dawn simulator that can be set to make it appear just like sunrise in your bedroom as the light gradually increases in intensity. For reassurance, you can also have an additional fail-safe sound alarm with it too for backup. In some cases that could be set to make the natural sounds of wildlife, bird song or the early morning forest. Or alternatively you could wake to the radio or music of your choice.

There is no doubt that by waking up in a natural manner your day will start off better. You will be calmer and in a better stress-free frame of mind to take the day, and all it might throw at you, in your stride.

The other good thing about natural alarm clocks is that many can be set up to get you off to sleep in a good natural way too. You will find that a gradual sunset mode gives your body the signal to wind down and helps you to fall asleep peacefully.

Thus with a natural light alarm clock, your body's natural circadian rhythms that regulate your normal sleeping and waking patterns can be set so you sleep soundly and wake refreshed. Now that has got to be good thing for your mental and physical health.

You can find out more about a natural alarm clock light here. There are lots of great tips to relieve stress naturally here.

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Snowy Forecast

The National Weather Service's long term weather forecast winter 2012 is calling for a snowy forecast for much of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region of the United States. Cooler then normal ocean surface temperatures mean El Nina will once again influence weather across the country. The Eastern seaboard should still experience significant snow and cold but not at the levels of last year. This is unwelcome news to the milllions of households the use heating oil to keep warm. Prices are expected to rise as higher demand kicks in during the winter months. It is important to listen to your local forecasts and heed them when the weather starts to turn bad. Some of the weather apps available are just amazing.


Toro Snow Blower

Looking for a Snowblower - Consider a Toro Snow Blower

When most people think about snow throwers, they think toro snow blowers. Thats not surprising, since Toro has been making snow blowers (or snowthrowers as they are also commonly known as), since 1951 when they introduced it. Before that, there was a lot of sore backs and probably more swearing.

Toro is renowned for its lightweight electric and gas snowthrowers (available in single or double stage snowblowers). The Toro Snow Commander is perfect for areas with a reasonable amount of snow, and for those who suffer through deep, heavy snowfalls or have a large area to take care of, 6-13hp four cycle snow blowers will meet the challenge.

Depending on how much snow (both area and depth), Toro has several snow throwers that will make clearing snow so much easier!

Toro Two Stage Power Max

Toro Super Single Stage Snow Commander

Toro Single Stage Power Curve

Toro Electric Power Curve / Power Shovel Plus

Some of the features that many of the toro snow blowers have:

Power Propel System: Pulling back on the bail will pivot the snowblower forward, which will help propel you through the snow.

Power Curve Drum Auger: Exclusive to Toro, the Power Curve System helps you clear snow thanks to its high capacity funnel. With the widest clearing width in its class at 24" and a 15" high auger housing, you'll save time and effort.

Warranty - Depending on the model of your Toro snow blower, you'll enjoy a 2-5 year warranty.

With over 50 years as a snow blower innovator, Toro should be on your list of snow throwers to take a look at more closely. With almost 10 models to choose from, you'll find one that meets your needs.

Looking for info on Toro Snow Blowers? You'll find lots of information on all types of snow blowers at

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